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14.00 Uhr

In Search of the Source of India's Cultural Unity

Swami Baneshananda, President of the Vedanta Gesellschaft, Germany

Swami Baneshananda will speak on the deep-rooted sources of India’s cultural unity, and how one may define ‘culture’ using Indian culture as an example. He will highlight the strengths of Indian culture as continuity, openness, humaneness and inwardness, and chart the path to strengthen civilizational unity. Drawing upon the Vedanta tradition, this ‘spirit of India’, he maintains, is an all-inclusive realization of the ‘oneness of life’, at a global level. Recognition and acceptance of the historical fact and beauty of unity in diversity, inculcation of true patriotism, a revival of ethical and core family values, and a strengthening of the civilisation value of acceptance, and not tolerance, of the reality of all religions are shown as the path for India’s cultural unity.

This event will be held online.

Zoom: https://bit.ly/39AefZW
Meeting-ID: 865 5600 2957
Passcode: 094808

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