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05:15 PM

“Society from a Mainland Southeast Asian Perspective”

A Debate with Benjamin Baumann and Guido Sprenger

​Boike Rehbein (Berlin)


4010 (CATS Lecture Hall)


Voßstraße 2

69115 Heidelberg

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Tuesday 16th November 2021, 05:15 PM

Book Launch: “Living Kinship, Fearing Spirits.”

Rosalie Stolz (Heidelberg)

Tuesday 30th November 2021, 05:15 PM

“Curupira and Carbon: Approaching Legal and Ontological Plurality within Environmental Protection in Brazil”

Michaela Meurer (Marburg)

Tuesday 14th December 2021, 05:15 PM

“Recalling the Past in Sensible Contexts: The Stakes of History and Memory Among Highlanders of China, Vietnam and Laos”

Pierre Petit (Brussels)

Tuesday 18th January 2022, 05:15 PM

“Shopping with Allah: Pilgrimage, Gender and Consumption in Malaysia”

Viola Thimm (Heidelberg)

Tuesday 25th January 2022, 05:15 PM

“Society from a Mainland Southeast Asian Perspective”

​Boike Rehbein (Berlin)