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18.15 Uhr

Watanabe Seitei – The Singularity and Universality of his Paintings

Furuta Akiko

Watanabe Seitei exhibited his Japanese paintings at the Paris Exposition in 1878 and was the first Japanese painter to stay in Paris on this occasion. At a time when Japonisme was in full swing, Seitei's work and the techniques he demonstrated at the Salon surprised the Impressionist painters. His unique style of painting, with its global appeal, has never been treated in the canonical history of art in Japan.

In the context of Japanese art history, which has been strongly influenced by the West, there has been a tendency not to appreciate new styles of painting that transcend schools, such as Seitei's, or activities in fields other than painting, such as crafts, prints and illustrations. However, Seitei's work is at once unique and universally appealing. In this lecture, Furuta Akiko examines the reasons for this universal appeal, while focusing on the Edo culture in which Seitei lived all his life.

This talk will be held in Japanese and translated into English.


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