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The Accidental Translator

Nicole Coolidge Rousmaniere, Ph.D., Sainsbury Institute for the Study of Japanese Arts and Cultures, University of East Anglia, Norwich

Art historian Nicole Rousmaniere has had a wide range of experience in translating Japanese into English, from a comprehensive and scholarly history of art in Japan to blockbuster Manga comics. Translation has not been Rousmaniere’s primary focus but a means to an end, to increase understanding of Japanese culture in the English-speaking world. But the act of translation has thrown up a number of fascinating questions. Translation is, at its most basic, communication of meaning from one source language into another, but of course it is so much more. Translating as an academic making source material accessible forces one to quickly gain a full tool kit to convey complex ideas, including periodisation, politics and place. This discursive talk addresses some of these issues in addition to basic challenges such as translating for documentary film subtitles and manga speech bubbles. For example, Japanese will have three words where English has six, and how do you translate the sounds the sea is exclaiming? Translation has been, to this scholar, an accidental adventure that opens up an intriguing number of scholarly pitfalls and many delights.

Nicole Coolidge Rousmaniere is the founding Director and currently the Research Director of the Sainsbury Institute and Professor of Japanese Art and Culture at the University of East Anglia, Norwich. She received her PhD from Harvard University in 1998. She was until recently the IFAC Handa Curator of Japanese Art at the Department of Asia, British Museum, and was the lead curator on the Citi Exhibition Manga held in the Sainsbury Exhibition Galleries, British Museum in 2019.

This lecture is organized within the framework of the lecture series “New Publications in Japanese Art History" at the IKO, Heidelberg.
It will take place via Zoom; to attend please use the Link below.

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