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Calligraphic Language in Contemporary Chinese Art

Prof. Dr. Kuiyi Shen, University of California, San Diego (USA), 2021 Heinz Götze Visiting Professor

Calligraphy entered contemporary Chinese art at the time modernist art reappeared in China in the 1980s, and gradually became an important component in contemporary art. Because the Chinese written language is partially ideographic and partially pictographic, calligraphy-related works can be categorized into a few groups. The first group can be traced back to traditional calligraphy, but the artists try to employ modern concepts and methodologies. The second group is to add calligraphic elements to other forms of visual art. These two groups basically explore the use and representation of calligraphic languages and elements. The third group introduces the Chinese writing system, or the structure of the character, to conceptual art, including new media art. In works of contemporary Chinese art, we see that expression of the calligraphic language and application of characters present many serious obstacles. On the other hand, calligraphy and Chinese characters as sources still have great potential. These artists, regardless of what concepts, methods, or formats they use, self-consciously link their art to the construction of cultural identity and social circumstances of contemporary society. This artistic phenomenon has already become an important part of contemporary visual culture.

The Lecture and Visiting Professorship are generously supported by Heinz Götze Stiftung.

The lecture will be in person and online. Limited seats available in room: CATS 010.01.05. For online participation see Video URL for the Zoom link.

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