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14.15 Uhr

„Bildungsauftrag” (educational task) or Event-Management

Curating East Asian Art in Cologne

Dr. Petra Rösch, Museum für Ostasiatische Kunst, Köln

The lecture introduces various fields of employment standing behind the curatorial, from the speaker´s own perspective and experience: A short survey of the history and the collections, specific to the East Asian Art Museum in Cologne will be given, followed by exemplary processes of administrating art and exhibition-making.

Petra H. Rösch received her academic training at Erlangen, Shifan Daxue and Heidelberg University in European and East Asian Art History as well as Sinology.
While holding the position of Assistant Professor at Heidelberg University from 1999-2005 she worked on her dissertation: “Chinese Wood sculptures of the 11th to 13th centuries: Images of Water-moon Guanyin in Northern Chinese Temples and Western Collections”, for which she received her PhD in 2005. As Research Fellow in the interdisciplinary research centre: The Dynamics of Ritual at Heidelberg University, she started her Habilitation on “Confession Rituals at Chinese Buddhist Cave-temples of the 6th to 8th century.”
Since 2009 she is Deputy Director and curator of Buddhist Art at the Museum of East Asian Art Cologne.

This lecture is organized within the framework of the graduate seminar, “Create your own exhibition!" at the IKO, Heidelberg.
It will take place via Zoom; to attend please use the Link below.

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