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18.15 Uhr

Cultural Translations: The Confrontation of Joseon Painters with European Concepts of Illusionism

Prof. Dr. em. Burglind Jungmann, University of California, Department of Art History, Los Angeles, USA

Die Veranstaltung wird ermöglicht durch die großzügige Unterstützung der Fachschaft Kunstgeschichte Ostasiens und findet im Rahmen der regelmäßigen Kooperation zwischen dem Institut für Europäische Kunstgeschichte und dem Institut für Kunstgeschichte Ostasiens statt.

Although regular direct contacts between Korea and Europe only started in the later half of the 19th century, scholars and artists who visited the Chinese capital as envoys of the Joseon royal court (1392-1910) absorbed knowledge and technological skills from Europe from the 17th century onward through translated Chinese publications, purchase of Western instruments, and meetings with Jesuit priests and scientists residing in Beijing. Travel diaries contain, for instance, astonished accounts of the illusionistic effects of wall paintings in the Jesuit South Church. During the 18th century King Jeongjo encouraged his court painters to use Western painting devices, such as one-point-perspective and chiaroscuro, in various genres. European inspiration can be detected in decorative court art, but also in ‘literati’ landscape painting. These painting, far from just imitating foreign manners, exemplify how ideas and painting devices were visually and culturally ‘translated’.


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