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18.00 Uhr

Heinz Götze Public Lecture: Sogdian Merchants on the Silk Road(s)

Prof. Dr. Xinjiang Rong, Peking University, 8th Heinz Götze Visiting Professor in Chinese Art History

This lecture addresses the intermediary role of Sogdian merchants on the Silk Road(s) and associated material culture. Sogdians spoke an Eastern Iranian language and lived in what is now present-day Uzbekistan. Known for their command of trade networks, they organized camel caravans (lead by sabao) linking trade between the Central Asia and East Asia. Sogdian merchants established colonial settlements and economic centres, engaging in commodities trade; gradually they monopolized Silk Routes. Northern nomadic powers and agricultural societies both benefited from the material culture largess and multivalent religion traditions disseminated through Sogdians networks.

Reception Follows lecture.

Generously Sponsored by the Heinz Götze Foundation.

Special thanks to the HCTS for the generous use of their facilities.


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