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Heidelberg Indology Doctoral Symposium (HeiIDS):

Heidelberg Indology Doctoral Symposium

The symposium is organised by the students of the department of Cultural and Religious History of South Asia (Classical Indology), South Asia Institute, and will take place in Heidelberg on November
12-13, 2021 in a hybrid format if the situation allows it


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69115 Heidelberg

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Since its foundation, South Asia Institute has championed interdisciplinary research and teaching, creating an atmosphere for collaboration within the field of South Asian Studies. The department of Cultural and Religious History of South Asia is dedicated to an academic study of South Asia based on the study
of texts, often complemented by anthropological study. Keeping with this crossdisciplinary tradition, we are organising this symposium to provide a platform to doctoral students in the field of Indology and South Asian Studies, so they can exchange and develop on their research and ideas in an open, critical, and constructive environment. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the research of many graduate students has been
disrupted since March 2020. This inspired us to examine the theme of ‘disruption’ in a wider sense. Disruption can occur in various contexts: ritual,
research, work, communal, traditional etc. We wish to interrogate the concept of
‘disruption’ more closely in the South Asian context. What constitutes disruption in the South Asian context? What is its opposite? How is it presented? How has a community, text, or idea caused or reacted to
a disruption? What is disruption in a community or text or ritual? What agencies cause disruption? How is disruption perceived in communities or rituals? How is disruption exploited? How do communities or texts mitigate against
disruption? What power does the fear of disruption yield over people, communities etc.? How else can we analyse and understand disruption?
In this symposium, we wish to understand and discuss disruption in its various forms and degrees. Thus, we would like to invite current PhD students to submit abstracts based on this theme.

Freitag, 12. November 2021, 09.00 Uhr

Heidelberg Indology Doctoral Symposium (HeiIDS)

Samstag, 13. November 2021, 09.00 Uhr

Heidelberg Indology Doctoral Symposium