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Dynamics of Female Agency in Buddhism and Hinduism

Conference - Dynamics of Female Agency in Buddhism and Hinduism

organized by Cultural and Religious History of South Asia (Classical Indology) South Asia Institute Heidelberg University

Speakers: Tarini Bedi (University of Illinois at Chicago); Shobha Rani Dash (Otani University, Kyoto); Valeria Gazizowa (Cambridge University); Sloane Geddes (Vancouver University); Antoinette E. DeNapoli (Texas Christian University); Iselin Frydenlund (MF Norwegian School of Theology); Amy Langenberg (Eckerd College, Florida); Borayin Larios (Heidelberg University and EHESS, Paris); Shefali More (Heidelberg University); Vasudha Narayanan (University of Florida, Gainesville); Laurie Patton (Middlebury College; participating via skype); Priyanka Ramlakhan (University of Florida, Gainesville); Martin Seegers (University of Leeds); Caroline Starkey (University of Leeds).

The conference “Dynamics of Female Agency in Buddhism and Hinduism” serves as a forum for the discussion of diverse forms and dynamics of female religious and ritual leadership in Buddhist and Hindu traditions. The gathering facilitates conversations between scholars who conduct in-depth studies of culturally, historically and geographically specific situations in which women become religious and ritual leaders. In this way, we aim at taking steps to advance and refine recent scholarship on the emergence of female religious specialists in Hinduism and Buddhism, as part of a variety of forms of feminism and religious empowerment for women. Workshop participants thus also work towards developing new methods to analyze intersectionality, and contribute to a better understanding of the dynamics connected to global flows of gender and religion.



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