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Historical Narration and Everday Writing in the Poems of Ling-yu

Prof. Dr. Shuling Hong, National Taiwan University, The Department of Chinese Literature

This lecture mainly explores how female poets reflect on history and depict everyday life through their works. It will take an example of Taiwanese female poet, Ling-yu. It also prompts us to think about how the creative subject constructs the identity between the female poets, history and everyday life.
Ling-yu , whose real name is Wang Mei-qin, born in 1952, is a native of Taipei County, Taiwan. She graduated from the Department of Chinese Literature at National Taiwan University. Then she went to the University of Wisconsin to study for a master's degree in East Asian literature. After master's degree ,she come back Taiwan to work. She was the editor of the literary supplement of “Central Daily News” , the editor-in-chief of the "Modern Poetry" quarterly magazine and is currently teaching at Yi-lan University. Ling-yu began to create modern poems in 1983, and her first poetry "Continuous Works of the City" also published in the same year. After that, she published "The Names Disappeared on the Map" (1992), "The Stunt Family" (1996), " Countryside/5:49" (2014) and so on.
Ling-yu is a female poet but she doesn’t advertise feminism. Her poetry is based on the promotion of intellectuality and creates a special style. In the early stage of her writing, she focused on the dismantling and reconstruction of Chinese history and allusions. Her creative technique used to take on the expression of “structural metaphor” instead of “feeling image” . In the past ten years, the rhythm of her poetry has been slower and the use of language has been much free. And she became to focus on daily life, pastoral writing, and created a new writing style. Ling-yu’s creation process has a highly self-consciousness. She is worth of studying as a contemporary poet.


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