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Toward a Global History of Chinese Medicine

Indic and Greco-Islamic Connections in the History of Chinese Phlegm

Dr. Natalie Köhle, Australian National University, The Australian Centre on China in the World

When one peruses medical case histories from the Qing dynasty, one sees constant references to phlegm (tan痰) as both cause and consequence of disease. Phlegm is a central, indispensable concept in the late imperial Chinese imagination of the body and its pathologies. Curiously, however, the earliest and foundational classic of Chinese medicine (ca.1st c. b.c.e.), does not mention the term tan痰at all. This lecture traces the rise of phlegm in Chinese medicine and shows that its conceptual development connects with two different transmissions lines from other contemporary major medical traditions of the world, Āyurveda and Greco-Islamic medicine.


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