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15.00 Uhr

Museums and Memorials of the Mao Era

Ass. Prof. Jie Li (Harvard University)

Taking up writer Ba Jin’s famous call for a “Cultural Revolution Museum,” this talk surveys Chinese museums and memorials that commemorate the Mao era. The first section traces an intellectual genealogy of a Cultural Revolution Museum and contextualizes it in a global memory culture. The bulk of the talk will be a guided tour to existing physical sites in China invested with memories of the Mao era, both nostalgic museums collecting (and often selling) Maoist memorabilia and (often marginalized) memorials that commemorate violence and tragedy.

For those hungry for some readings, Jie Li’s suggested primary materials and one of her articles are available on HeiBox: https://heibox.uni-heidelberg.de/d/7867d3fa22/ . You are welcome to bring any materials (textual or visual) to the talk for the discussion!


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