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Food, Ethnicity and Cultural Identity

Staging and Performing Indigenousness through Taiwanese Indigenous Restaurants and Food

Joyce Yeh. Dong Hwa University Taiwan, Sociology

This research takes an inter-disciplinary approach to examine complex interactions between food and ethnicity. Drawing upon participant observation of indigenous restaurants in Hualien in the context of tourism practices, and in-depth interviews with the indigenous restaurants owners, I view food cultures in their wider social, political and economic contexts. I focus on the socio-cultural dimensions of ethnic restaurants as cultural landscapes and valuable ethnic markers. I explore indigenous restaurants and food as performances of ethnicity that are staged, constructed, and contested. This research also explores the role of food and ethnic restaurants as sites of cross-cultural encounters in which a sense of indigenousness matters. I investigate indigenous restaurants and food as sites in which cultural displays help to construct identity, and examine their implications for this sense of indigenousness. In particular, I argue that foodways are a powerful tool for indigenous people to take back their rights of cultural interpretation and express who they are in a globalized world. Give the recent popularity of indigenous cuisines in Taiwan, they are also a way to make indigenous ethnicity visible in mainstream culture.


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