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18.00 Uhr

Gender, Religion, and Nationalism in Republican China

Prof. Elena Valussi, Loyola University of Chicago

This talk will address the concept of gender and of gender equality (nannü pingdeng 男女平等) in a religious context as it emerges in the writings of men and women of the Republican period. I look at the writings of Daoist and Buddhist intellectuals and practitioners in order to start outlining and understanding the debates about gender and religion in the public sphere, especially as it intersect with nationalism.
It will also use gender as an analytical tool to explore representations of religion, how such representations contributed to the making of the Chinese “modern woman” (xin nüxing 新女性), and how women created and found spaces of agency within this new framework. The intersection between gender and religion, the religious dimension of this social repositioning of women, has yet to be analyzed in detail, and systematic perspectives on gender and religion are still a marginalized field of study.


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