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Recalibrating Culture – Reconfiguring the (Trans-)Cultural

International Workshop

Thursday, November 22nd

14.00 INTRODUCTION Philipp Stoellger & Barbara Mittler (Heidelberg University)
Wann, wieso und warum: Recalibrating Culture

14.30-16.30 KEYNOTE 1 Dieter Mersch (Züricher Hochschule der Künste)
Digitalität, Globalität und der Verfall kultureller Differenz. Zur Kritik algorithmischer Rationalisierung

16.30 BREAK

16.45-17.30 Avishek Ray (National Institute of Technology Silchar)
The Trajectory of a Viral Image: On the Afterlife of the Alan Kurdi Image

17.30 BREAK

18.00-20.00 KEYNOTE 2 Monica Juneja (Heidelberg University)
The Hunter and the Squirrel – Possibilities and Limits of a Post-Anthropocentric Art History.


Friday, November 23rd

9.15-11.15 KEYNOTE 3 Rudolf Wagner (Heidelberg University)
Of Trees and the Wood, Cultures and CULTURE

11.15 BREAK

11.30-12.15 Sophie Roche (Heidelberg University/Goethe University Frankfurt)
Umwelt and Innenwelt: The Experience of Environmental Transformation

12.15-13.00 Kuo-An Ma (National Center for Photography)
To Live a ''Folk Life": Visual Documents of "Local Culture" in Late Colonial Taiwan (1941-45)

13.00-14.00 LUNCH

14.00 -14.45 Sourav Kargupta (Independent postdoctoral scholar)
‘A little more than just literature’: Representations of the ‘(trans-)cultural’ Finance Capital in Audio- Visual Advertisements in the Post-demonetization India

14.45-15.30 Prem Poddar (Roskilde University)
Visualising Value: Transculturing Passports

15.30-16.15 Simon Yin (Hefei University of Technology)
Formation and Transformation of Virgin Mary's Image in Ming-Dynasty China

16.15 BREAK

16.30-17.00 CONCLUSION Barbara Mittler & Philipp Stoellger (Heidelberg University) Where do we go from here? Our Publication and other matters.

Readings for the keynote speeches are available here: https://heibox.uni-heidelberg.de/d/f247ad0054/?p=/Readings_Workshop&mode=list Come prepared!


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