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Archaeology in Manchuria: Dajinshan, a riverbank Bronze Age site in the Dongliao River Valley

Dr. Pauline Sebillaud, Jilin University (China), Department of Archaeology

Dr. Pauline Sebillaud (Co-Directrice, MAFNEC, Researcher, CNRS, Lecturer, Center for Chinese Frontier Archaeology, Archaeology Department, Jilin University, China)

The Sino-French Archaeological Team in Northeast China (MAFNEC) began the “Humans and environment in the Dongliao River Valley” research project in 2017. It investigates the longue durée of settlement patterns in the south-western part of Jilin Province, northeast China.
After excavating at the Changshan site (long occupation sequence from the Middle Neolithic to the medieval period) and the Pianliancheng site (medieval and late 19th c. to Republican period tombs) in 2017, the MAFNEC carried out excavation at the Dajinshan site in 2018.
This site yielded several architectural features, large quantities of artefacts, faunal and plant remains dated from the late Bronze Age to the very beginning of the Iron Age. Further analysis of these finds show the presence of an ancient river bed on the site and shed light on the activities and subsistence mode of the fishers-hunters of the late Bronze Age in the Manchuria Plain.


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