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Evening Chats in Heidelberg

From a Naughty Boy on Stalin Avenue to a Martyred Winner of the Nobel Peace Prize

The Saga of Liu Xiaobo

Perry Link

The clarity and power of Liu Xiaobo’s (1955-2017) essays on Chinese politics, culture, and society are well known, as is his receipt of the Nobel Peace Prize while serving an eleven-year prison for “inciting subversion” of the Chinese state. Less well known is the sinuous path that brought him to the heights he reached. Born prodigiously intelligent, he had conflicts with his father and his teachers that led him to rebel (and misbehave) as a teenager in the 1960s and again as a graduate student in the 1980s. Both times he was corralled and softened by a loving wife (Tao Li in the first instance, Liu Xia in the second). But his conflicts were inside himself as much as between him and his environment. An urge to misbehave and an urge to criticize himself were both deep in his character. By 2000 he had struggled his way to stability and to become an idealistic, gentle, and extraordinarily well read pacifist.


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