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Masked Dolls and Wedding in Autumn

Shih Chiung-Yu

Synopsis Wedding in Autumn
Haunted by memories of the Chinese Civil War in the late 1940s, nationalist soldiers from all over mainland China are doomed to live out their days in exile in Taitung County, along the southeastern shore of the island of Taiwan.

The three novellas in this collection tell stories of Chinese men who were forced to leave their loved ones behind and the aboriginal Amis locals they marry or adopt to try to make themselves at home, often in vain, for their wives and adopted daughters and sons end up knocked up, sexually abused, sold into prostitution, happily married, or insane.

Set in Taiwan in the 1970s and 1980s, Wedding in Autumn and Other Stories captures the suffering and the will to survive of marginalised people everywhere.
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Author Bio
Shih Chiung-Yu was born in Taiwan in 1968. She grew up in Taitung, a village of aboriginal Taiwan. Her writings involve stories of conflicts: conflicts between nations, conflicts between generations, conflicts between genders, conflicts between the East and the West. conflicts between racial prejudices.

She has been a writer, essayist, news reporter and documentary filmmaker for many years. Awards she has won include the China Times Literature Award, and the United Daily News Literature Award.

Her novel, Masked Dolls, was translated and published by Balestier Press in 2016. A short stories collection, Wedding in Autumn and Other Stories, will be published in 2018.


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