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Colloquium Series „The 1950s: Journeys into Postcolonial South Asia”

Session 2: Nehru’s India? Rethinking the First Prime Minister and the Administrative Machine in Independent India, 1947-1964 - Dr. Taylor Sherman (London School of Economics)

Dr. Taylor Sherman (London School of Economics)

Jawaharlal Nehru is often regarded, for better and for worse, as the ‘architect of independent India’. This paper challenges this assertion, providing a new interpretation of Nehru’s role as Prime Minister between 1947 and 1964. It then critically explores the idea that Nehru and other elites ‘took the reins’ of the administrative machine they had inherited from the Raj and ran the Indian state without alteration.
Based on new research, this paper argues that we need to begin to rethink some of the myths that have long guided our scholarship on independent India.



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